I love watching college football. I grew up in the state of Georgia, and although I live in Alabama now, still have a special place in my heart for the Bulldogs.

Living in Alabama isn’t easy as a Georgia fan. Nick Saban and Alabama have broken the hearts of Georgia fans a few times over the last decade, preventing us from celebrating championships.

I don’t like it, but I sure do respect what Saban has done at Alabama. Most people call what he does “the process.” In a nutshell, it’s the operating system he uses to produce championship teams.

None of what happens within Alabama football happens by accident. There’s a purpose, method, process, and motivation behind all of it.

Saban has created a business operating system that facilitates everything he needs to build winning teams, from recruiting to practice schedules. As much as it pains me to say, he’s done it better than anyone else in college football and is perceived as probably the best college coach ever because of it.

A business operating system consists of three things:

  1. A framework to guide the way you think ‘on’ the business
  2. A cadence or annual flow to meet, evaluate, and strategically plan
  3. A set of operating grids or tools combined with a simple cadence of operation to help you function ‘in’ the business

A business operating system helps you move from the early struggle or feeling of whitewater in business towards predictable success.

Who doesn’t want that? I know I do.

Just in case you aren’t convinced as to why your business needs one. Here are five reasons you can probably relate to.

#1: You feel like your business is running you (instead of you running your business).

It’s not a fun feeling. You go to bed knowing it’s not all done and wake up nervous that you are overlooking something really obvious. Your business is running you, and you don’t see an end in sight.

#2: You feel like you are always ‘in’ the business but never working ‘on’ it.

You’d love to strategically think about that next product launch or implement a better system to capture leads, but it’s not happening today. Widgets have to be made, and people have to be managed. No time for ‘on’ it, you have to produce to pay the bills.

#3: You are out of step with the other leaders in the business.

Getting on the same page is hard with a business operating system in place. You don’t have one and feel like you and the other leaders within your organization are pulling in different directions. There’s a bit of a tribe mentality, it’s our department vs. their department. It creates tension-filled days….those are no fun.

#4: Predictable success seems but a passing dream.

It’s not that you aren’t making money. You are. You’ve had some great months and maybe even a great year or two. The problem is consistency. How do you reach and maintain that consistency? It definitely won’t happen without a business operating system in place.

#5: You aren’t even clear on what you want out of your business.

You used to have a vision for this thing, but now it seems a bit foggier than ever. It’s not a good feeling. You aren’t even sure on some days why you opened the business in the first place.

Implementing a business operating system may not make you the Nick Saban of software, fast food, or consulting, but it can definitely move you towards predictable success.

It can remind you of why you opened this business in the first place.

It can help you gain clarity on where you want to go and align your teams to get you there.

It can help you, and your leaders get on the same page and win together.

It can help you execute more consistently than ever before.

It’s what we do at Congruence. We help organizations implement a business operating system. As a disclaimer, there are other operating systems out there. Many are similar in nature.

Whether it’s ours or not, you need one….unless you just enjoy chaos….then keep doing what you are doing.

Congruence helps you as a business leader systematically and permanently change the way you run your business. It’s different because it not only teaches you a simple framework to get a handle ‘on’ your business but also gives you the practical tools to operate more effectively ‘in’ the business.

AT&T had a mantra, “The system is the solution.”

It’s true. The system is the solution. If you need one, let us help.

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