Hiring and promoting the right people is hard.

Always has been….probably always will.

I helped found a recruiting company, and during my seven years there I learned a lot about what to do...and a lot more about what NOT to do when it comes to hiring and promotion.

No matter how thorough your vetting process, you will miss occasionally. Think about the NFL. They spend millions of dollars annually evaluating players. They have game film to watch on these guys from the time they were in middle school through college.

And every year about half of the guys taken in the first round of the NFL draft ended up being disappointments.

Think about it...Tom Brady was drafted #199 in the 2000 draft. 198 guys were taken before him and yet he has won more Super Bowls than any quarterback in history. Somebody missed something.

Before you assume hiring is up to chance and think having a four-leaf clover stashed somewhere around the office will help you hire the right people, let’s look at a few things that might help.

At Congruence, we develop grids for everything. We call them COGs - Congruence Operating Grids. They help us (and hopefully you) think strategically and execute more effectively.

We’ll walk through our hiring and promotion COG - it’s creatively named the ABC’s of Hiring and Promotion.

Here we go.

By walking through this grid, you are answering two key questions:

  1. Is this the right person for the role (core values, culture fit, team dynamics)?
  2. Is this the right role for the person (wiring, skill set, capacity)?

You must have both.

You need the right person. One who exhibits your core values, is a culture fit and meshes well with the team.

You also must make sure it’s the right role for the person. Do they have the right experience and capacity? Are they wired up for the job?

We’ve developed a grid based on the first five letters of the alphabet to help you ask the right questions about a potential hire or promotion.

Ability: Do they have the skill set to do the job? Are they appropriately wired for it? A resume can tell you a lot about their skills and an assessment can tell you what you need to know about wiring.

Buy-In: Do they buy-in to your vision, values, and strategic plan? Do they want the role? Are they ready to “burn the ships” to make it happen?

Capacity: Do they have the proper capacity to do the job? Intellectual, emotional, physical, and time?

Demonstrate: Have they demonstrated your company core values? Do they have a track record of demonstrating competence and sustained performance?

Emotional Intelligence: Do they have the emotional intelligence and awareness for the role? How’s their attitude and emotional response to stress?

Here are a few other questions to think through as you develop your process for hiring and promotion.

  1. What assessment will you use to determine proper wiring and behavioral styles?
  2. Are you clear on the skills to do the job?
  3. How will you examine their track record of demonstrated performance?
  4. Are you clear on the core values they must exhibit to be a part of your team and culture?
  5. Who else within your organization can serve as a prototype for what you are looking for?

The ABCs of Hiring and Promotion Grid isn’t exhaustive, but we do believe it’s a great start. Bad hires cost everyone lots of money. Let’s do our part to minimize the risk of hiring and promotion as much as possible.

You can download a pdf version of The ABC’s of Hiring and Promotion by clicking HERE

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Photo by Felipe Furtado on Unsplash