If the goal is for your business to reach predictable results and ultimately grow without you being at the center, you need to do eight things really well.

They are critical to getting clarity, alignment, and execution for your business.

You learn all of these within the Congruence Operating System.

  1. Goal Setting - Great organizations set goals. They are clear on what they are aiming for. This creates clarity and focus.
  2. Prioritized Problem Solving - Great organizations are really clear on the problems they need to solve to push them forward. This sounds simple, yet I’ve experienced many teams that are confused due to the number of new initiatives that are rolled out each month.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making - Great organizations know which numbers are important to their business and make decisions in light of them.
  4. Alignment - Teams and resources are aligned to solve problems. It’s not about job titles and bureaucracy, it’s about solving problems.
  5. Communication - Teams know what to do and why they are doing it. It’s pretty simple. There are clear lines of formal and informal communication.
  6. Ownership & Empowerment - Organizations that reach predictable results give their people the power to solve problems and make decisions. They don’t feel like cogs in a wheel - they feel like real people who get to use their skills and gifts to contribute to a larger story.
  7. Systems Mindset - A systems mindset is one that focuses on the root of a problem. It’s a business that doesn’t make knee-jerk decisions and apply quick fixes. It recognizes that the results we get are driven by the systems we create. To improve the results, we must improve the system.
  8. Accountability - The final practice of organizations who reach and maintain predictable success is accountability. Every person has a number they are responsible for, are empowered to do their job well, and as a result, are held accountable for results in a healthy way. It’s ultimately an act of selfishness to fail to hold those around you accountable.

Ultimately, these 8 practices help you do two things really well:

  1. Make the right decisions
  2. Implement those decisions effectively

If as a business you consistently make good decisions and implement those decisions effectively, you will succeed.

This fosters disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. This keeps the spirit of entrepreneurship alongside the ability to execute with excellence.

So….those things aren’t easy to do consistently.

We would love to help. It's what we do.

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Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash