I’ve worked in non-profit, larger for profit, and the startup work environment. There were leaders in each of those environments that were similar to me. Because of that, we had a relatively easy time connecting and communicating to get things done.

That hasn't always been the case though.

In my last role as a co-founder, my partner and I were opposites in nearly every personality category. This made it really difficult on many days to see where he was coming from and stay on the same page. It was like we were on different sides of a mountain yelling to communicate with each other….and the wind was blowing….and it was snowing.

I'm sure some of you reading this can relate.

So how in the world did we survive and build two profitable businesses?

I didn’t realize it, but over the years, we essentially created user guides for working with each other. User guides similar to what you get from IKEA when you buy a desk, except for a person.

I honestly wish I had one for my wife when we got married. It would have probably kept me out of the doghouse more than once...but I digress.

Too many immensely talented and productive teams stall because of small misunderstandings on how to best work with each other. Your team needs to know how you operate optimally, when you might malfunction, and how others could use you (I mean that in a positive way) to help them succeed.

There are a few of these floating on the interwebs, but I wanted to create one that captured the essence of what worked for us over the years. I call it the Congruence MUGShot (My User Guide Snapshot).

Just think, you can use this and tell people you have a MUGShot and have never even been to jail :)

It's a concise overview of how to best work with you. If you aren't convinced already, here are five great reasons to create one.

Reason #1

You want to increase trust and speed in communication with your team.

Reason #2

You want new team members to get up to speed working with you quickly.

Reason #3

You (and no one on your team) is a mind reader.

Reason #4

You want to be appreciated and understood.

Reason #5

You really, really like results.

It will include things like communication, best ways to get on your calendar, assessment information (if you've taken one), your leadership style, what you do when your stressed, personal boundaries, and more.

For me, I’m a pretty no-nonsense guy. I'm not a big fan of BS and can typically smell it when it's in the room. I love it when you take ownership and initiative around decisions (especially smaller ones) and I really like you to be on time and to the point.

I'm ok with change if you have a good reason and it can make what we are doing more effective.

If you want to get time with me, I would prefer we set up time rather than you just drop in.

I prefer to have personal work boundaries. It’s not because I don’t love what I do but because I have a family and want them to experience me as a dad who is “all there” when I’m at home.

Each of those things, when known, can help someone work with me in a much more productive way. The same can happen to you. I want to help you do it.

Imagine being able to give all of that information to a new team member in a really concise document when they join your team.

What could that give you?

If you’re like me, it could give you a lot.

Download the fillable pdf below to help you create your own Congruence MUGShot....and it's free.

Congruence MUGShot Download

Let me know what you like and if you have suggestions to make it better. I appreciate the feedback!

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Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash