If you want to get the most from your business, or any key area of life for that matter, you need three things. I wrote about these in my last blog.

  1. A mental framework to help you think about the area
  2. A consistent, set aside time or cadence to review and improve the area
  3. A practical tool or plan to help you execute in the area

At Congruence, the framework we use consists of eight core business categories. We help you focus on and systematically improve each area. Check them out below.

We teach this to give you a mental model to evaluate and improve your business. It’s super helpful to have, but without a regular meeting cadence to plan and assess how you’re doing, things can get chaotic and overwhelming.

You may end up starting a lot of initiatives, failing to finish what you start, lacking clear accountability, and looking at each other frustrated at the end of another quarter.

Maybe you’re thinking….“I dread the meetings we already have. You’re telling me we need more??”

Not necessarily. I don’t want you to have more meetings just to have them, but I do want you to have the right meetings on a consistent basis.

Maybe you’ve heard of the term circadian rhythm. The term circadian comes from the Latin circa, meaning "around" (or "approximately"), and diēm, meaning "day.” Much of the world: our bodies, plants, animals, fungi...all operates on this rhythm. We don’t have to think about it. It just happens - our sleep cycle, the way we eat, when we go potty, and when we are most coordinated in the day (it’s pretty amazing stuff).

The rhythms and cadences of life don’t stop there. The formal study of daily, tidal, weekly, seasonal, and annual rhythms is called chronobiology. It’s fascinating to consider the many rhythms to life.

Here’s my point. The world operates this way naturally. Your business should as well.

By establishing a clear meeting cadence, you build consistent times into your business to evaluate and improve each of the eight core categories.

It’s not rocket science (it’s really not - it’s more related to biology like I said) but it does take intentionality.

The meeting cadence we promote isn’t unusual. Many others have recommended something similar. It seems to work well with the natural rhythm and cadence of most businesses throughout the year.

This cadence dictates when you meet as a leadership team to evaluate problems to solve and build the plan to fix those problems. If you follow it, you will increase your ability to plan and execute with healthy accountability.

Let’s look at it on an annual basis:

The Annual Offsite:

Once a year you will have an annual offsite - this typically last two days. During that time you take a hard look at your yearly progress, review all the AIPs (Actions in Progress) you’ve completed, review and update your Vision, Values, and Goals and write out the major problems to solve for the coming quarter and year. You’ll also develop AIPs for those problems.

The Quarterly Offsite:

Each quarter you will have a one day offsite. You’ll take a look at your progress year to date vs. goals, review AIPs completed for the previous quarter, write our your primary problems to solve and develop Actions In Progress to solve those problems.

The Weekly BME:

Each week you will have a 90 minute BME or Best Meeting Ever. At this meeting, you look at your PulseCard (this is your company scorecard), make sure AIPs (Actions in Progress) are on track for the quarter and discuss smaller problems to solve.

The One-on-One:

Finally, I recommend one-on-one meetings with key members of your team at least twice a month. This helps maintain healthy connections and allows you to discuss personal growth and responsibilities.

You’ll notice that you create a 90-day universe. Each quarter you connect offsite to recalibrate and make sure you are attacking the problems that need to be solved for the business and once a year you take two days. Each week you meet to keep it all on track.

You do this over and over again - it becomes your natural business rhythm. As you do, you will notice your ability to spot, prioritize, and solve problems improve.

The effects of this cadence compound over time. Every business needs a cadence - if you have one, you will dramatically strengthen the Planning category of your business.

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